The Cosmic Dispatch

Libra New Moon: The Sweetest Deal is the Real Deal

September 25, 2022 Cory Nakasue Season 1 Episode 41
The Cosmic Dispatch
Libra New Moon: The Sweetest Deal is the Real Deal
Show Notes

Ep 41 Libra New Moon: The Sweetest Deal is the Real Deal

Happy New Moon - We finally landed a new moon on the day of broadcast! This Libra new moon is all about our relationships and communications. Libra is the territory of all things “relational”. Today's episode helps us ring in the new moon in Libra with the week's astro-weather, Libra season overview, creative prompts, and Libra-inspired music! 

As always, you can find the astroprompts in the post above or by visiting Due to copyright laws we aren’t able to upload the full version of the show for streaming. Because of this we have created a playlist on spotify - you can listen all month long! All of the appropriate information can be found on our profile. 

This week we have the Libra New Moon which is in opposition to Jupiter in Aries. In this episode, Cory shares what this means and offers tips on how to work with this energy.

All in all, the astro-weather this week is pretty quiet with an emphasis on the element of air. (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.) This may have us feeling “in our heads” or tending to our ideas. We may find ourselves asking questions or gathering information. This is not a time for “doing”. 

Libra New Moon Playlist:
Get The Balance Right! - Depeche Mode
Easy Plateau - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
We Can Work It Out - The Beatles
Smooth Operator - Sade 
This Charming Man - The Smiths 
Popular - Kristin Chenoweth
Venus - Shocking Blue 
You’re My Best Friend - Queen
Steady As She Goes - The Raconteurs 

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