The Cosmic Dispatch

Mercury Stations Direct: Neurodivergence and Creative Collaboration

October 02, 2022 Cory Nakasue & Elisabeth Motley Season 1 Episode 42
The Cosmic Dispatch
Mercury Stations Direct: Neurodivergence and Creative Collaboration
Show Notes

Ep 42 - Mercury Stations Direct: Neurodivergence and Creative Collaboration

Today's show celebrates Mercury's station direct after three weeks of being retrograde, and how this serves as an apt symbol for neurodivergence. Later in the show, neurodivergence is further discussed with artist and scholar, Elisabeth Motley. Cory spends a moment at the start of the show with @radiokingstonny engineer and musician - Malcolm Burn. Malcolm is a Libra sun and host of Radio Kingston’s “The Long Way Around”. Because it’s Libra season, Cory is spending time with people she is in partnership and collaboration with each week. 

In the weekly astro-weather section, Cory talks about the significance of Mercury's and Pluto's station direct, and explains "stations:" when planets appear not to move. Today, Sunday (October 2nd), Mercury stations direct and on Saturday (October 8th) Pluto stations direct. During the astro-forecast Cory not only breaks down what this means, she also discusses the difference between these retrogrades and what points in our chart may be impacted.

During the second half of the show Cory meets with disabled choreographer, scholar, and teacher Elisabeth Motley. Elisabeth’s work is concerned with disability as a framework for choreography and creative practice. Cory and Elisabeth discuss neurodivergence, language, and collaboration. 

Show Host: Cory Nakasue - - @bodyintel on Instagram
Show Guest: Elisabeth Motley - - @motleydance on Instagram 

The show airs live on Radio Kingston in Kingston New York every Sunday at 4pm est. The show is then re-broadcast on KMWV 98.3fm in Portland, Salem & Eugene Oregon at 7pm pt.

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