The Cosmic Dispatch

Full Moon Aries: Wayward Desires and Reconciliation

October 09, 2022 Cory Nakasue & Mandee Sheeler Season 1 Episode 43
The Cosmic Dispatch
Full Moon Aries: Wayward Desires and Reconciliation
Show Notes

Ep 43: Full Moon Aries: Wayward Desires and Reconciliation

Join astrologers Cory Nakasue and Mandee Sheeler for another full moon episode of The Cosmic Dispatch. Like all other full moon shows, this one begins with the week ahead’s astro-weather, which transitions into a conversation about the full moon and ends with questions from the audience. 

This week's forecast includes today's full moon in Aries, Mars' square to Neptune, and Mercury's ingress into Libra. Astrologer Mandee Sheeler shares her full moon report, which can be read in full at: 

The Aries full moon is illuminating the Aries/Libra axis and during this episode Cory and Mandee talk about each sign as well as their significance during this lunation.The name of the game this week is relationships, addressing personal desire, reconciliation, and hard-to-direct energy. 

Later in the show, they answer audience questions about imbalances in the natal chart, Aries energy, and preparing for an astrology consultation.

If you have any questions you would like answered on air please email us! You can send all questions, show topic recommendations or guest suggestions to:

Questions in this episode: I know Virgo is supposed to be a more grounding energy, but I always feel destabilized around Virgo Season.  Is it because there’s no Virgo in my chart? What does it mean if something is NOT represented in my chart?
Jennifer from Brooklyn

Aries sun here: how can I work best to get all the things done this month (like, all the things) without people thinking I am mean or insane...thanks
John from Chicago

I’ve never had an astrology consultation before. At this point a large part of my reasoning is that I’m not really sure what I should ask or talk about during my consultation. I’d like to get a consultation, but I’d like to prepare a little bit. Even if it’s just understanding what I’m walking into better. What recommendations do you have for first time consultations?
Pat from Portland

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