The Cosmic Dispatch

Libra Season: Enemies, A Love Story.

October 16, 2022 Cory Nakasue & Micah Blumenthal Season 1 Episode 44
The Cosmic Dispatch
Libra Season: Enemies, A Love Story.
Show Notes

Ep 44. Libra Season: Enemies, A Love Story.

In this episode Cory talks about the antagonistic and competitive partnerships in our lives and how they're just as important and informative as our more harmonious ones. Later in the show Micah, from Radio Kingston and many other organizations in the Hudson Valley like O+ Positive Festival and Good Works Institute, joins Cory to parse out the nature of discord.

Cory also takes us through this week's astro-weather which features Venus making many aspects, including a rare conjunction with the sun in Libra; a conjunction that hasn't occurred in 143 years! The astrology of the week is a mixed bag and may leave some of us feeling conflicted or like we have reached a tipping point. 

In the second half of the show Micah Blumenthal, yoga teacher, father, Radio Kingston radio show host, dedicated community leader and Libra sun joins Cory for a conversation about: trauma, relationships, emotional labor, crisis of consciousness, awareness and masculinity. Near the end of the episode Mandee joins the conversation and asks some audience questions. 

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