The Cosmic Dispatch

Scorpio Season: Witches Roundtable

October 30, 2022 Cory Nakasue, J.M. Hamade, Sasha Ravitch & Eliza (Emerald) Swann Season 1 Episode 46
The Cosmic Dispatch
Scorpio Season: Witches Roundtable
Show Notes

Ep 46 - Scorpio Season: Witches Roundtable

Cory begins this week’s show by reminding us that we are still in the thick of eclipse season. In this special roundtable edition of The Cosmic Dispatch Cory is joined by three artists and witchcraft practitioners. They touch on the many disciplines, practices, and origins of things like astrological magic, alchemy, and occult practice.

As we do every week, Cory shares this week's astro-weather which includes Mars' station retrograde, conjunctions to the south node, and Venus' opposition to Uranus. The energy of Tuesday’s solar eclipse is still rippling out and will continue to do so this week.  Refer back to episode #37 “It’s ALL Debatable” for more on Mars in Gemini or episode #45 "Eclipse Season Part 1: Solar Eclipse Scorpio" to hear more about the eclipse. 

During the second part of the show Cory meets with three diviners: J.M Hamade, Sasha Ravitch and Eliza (Emerald) Swann. J.M. Hamade is a talismanic artist, diviner, astrologer and writer based in NYC. Sasha Ravitch is a stellar witch, writer, and astrologer based in New Orleans, LA. Eliza (Emerald) Swann is an NYC based artist, educator, and founder of Golden Dome School. Each guest brings a wealth of knowledge to the conversation and contributes to the big question: “What is Magic?” 

Show Host: Cory Nakasue - @bodyintel on Instagram 

Show Guests: J.M. Hamade - @starnightdwell on Instagram, Sasha Ravitch - @sasha.ravitch on Instagram, Eliza (Emerald) Swann - @thecircularserpent on Instagram 

Publishing Company mentioned in the show: Hadean Press

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