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Eclipse Season Part 2: Lunar Eclipse Taurus

November 06, 2022 Cory Nakasue & Mandee Sheeler Season 1 Episode 47
The Cosmic Dispatch
Eclipse Season Part 2: Lunar Eclipse Taurus
Show Notes

Ep 47 - Eclipse Season Part 2: Lunar Eclipse Taurus

In this episode Cory and astrologer Mandee Sheeler devote a great deal of time parsing out the upcoming total lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 8th. The whole week is studded with intense transits, and they talk about those as well. In the second half of the show they dig into listener emails and answer some astrology questions. 

There is no shortage of content about this upcoming eclipse because as Cory puts it: “it's like the astrological super bowl”. There are many considerations to me made and many possible outcomes. 

This “big” astrology of the week is the eclipse (which happens on the same day as the US Midterm election) but there is also a lot of other movement as well. This week we also have: Venus square Saturn, the lunar eclipse, Mercury cazimi - opposite the Taurus full moon, Venus opposing Uranus, full moon is conjunct Uranus… there’s a lot! 

Questions answered in this episode:

Is astrology a “science”,  “religion” or something else?

Can you explain the mechanism of astrology? How does astrology work?

This eclipse (on 11/8) is happening at the same degree of my sun. I have tried to look up what this could mean but most of the stuff I have found hasn’t sounded all that great. My family is gathering for my birthday but I’m feeling anxious and don't want to go. I’m scared I will be nervous the whole time and come across as ungrateful. I guess from the sounds of it I should stay home and hide under the covers all day? What am I supposed to do and how can I not let this fear ruin my day. Are eclipses really THAT big of a deal? 

I am a Taurus sun and as silly as it seems, being called stubborn gets under my skin. Yes, I can be stubborn at times, but I don’t feel like that's fair to say all the time. I think especially with family they can sometimes dismiss me as “being stubborn” and won’t take me seriously. Other times being called stubborn makes me question if I’m really being “too firm” or if the other person just doesn't have the same values/like the boundaries I have. Is there a way you could help me reframe or work with this? 

I am learning and just started really getting deeper into Astrology. I have a lot of fixed energy in my chart and NO planets in fire at all. Any suggestions on how to work with this knowledge?

You can read Mandee’s full moon report at The St. Louisan.

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