The Cosmic Dispatch

Sagittarius Season: Full Moon in Gemini

December 04, 2022 Cory Nakasue & Mandee Sheeler Season 1 Episode 52
The Cosmic Dispatch
Sagittarius Season: Full Moon in Gemini
Show Notes

Ep. 50 - Sagittarius Season: Full Moon in Gemini

In this episode Cory and astrologer Mandee Sheeler dig into this contentious and spicy full moon in Gemini conjunct Mars retrograde! 

This week’s episode kicks off with the astro weather of the week. During the astro weather show host Cory describes this rhythmic dance Mercury and Venus have been doing. 

Later in the show Cory is joined by Mandee Sheeler & they further discuss the upcoming Gemini Full moon and answer questions from the audience. 

Questions from the audience answered in this episode:

  • What are some good practices to engage in leading up to and during this full moon? - Bekha 
  • How to work with difference between north node and rising sign? 
  • Where does mucus fall within the circle? Is it Neptunian/Pisces? Sometimes it feels very fixed, stuck, scorpio, but it seems more mutable than that - so is it more Pisces? -Mandee 
  • I have always struggled to identify as a Gemini sun. I feel like we are always told things like: “we are two-faced”, or “flighty” and that we can’t make up our minds to save our lives. How can I reframe this and begin to accept my Gemini sun?

Show Host: Cory Nakasue - @bodyintel on Instagram -

Show Guest: Mandee Sheeler - @mandeesheeler on Instagram -

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