The Cosmic Dispatch

Sagittarius Rising Roundtable

December 11, 2022 Cory Nakasue, Aurora Brush, Jamie Sanin, Elia Swann Season 1 Episode 51
The Cosmic Dispatch
Sagittarius Rising Roundtable
Show Notes

Ep. 51 Sagittarius Rising Roundtable

Can you believe it’s been a whole year for The Cosmic Dispatch!? We are so thankful for this community and all who make it possible. 

In this episode, Cory talks with three Sagittarius rising natives to discuss their experience with Sagittarian themes. Together they talk about their work as educators, artists, and disseminators of ideas and information.

Cory also reports on this week's astrology which includes the sun's square to Neptune, Mercury's trine to Uranus, and the last days of Jupiter in Pisces.

This episode features special guests: Aurora Brush, creator of Cosmic Dog House Press publishing company; Jamie Sanin, Hudson Valley artist and founder of Celebrate.845; and Eliza Swann, artist, educator, writer, and Founder of The Golden School.

Show Host: Cory Nakasue - @thecosmicdispatch on Instagram -

Featured Guests: Aurora Brush - @aurorahbrush / on Instagram -

Jamie Sanin - @jamiesanin / @celebrate845 on Instagram -

Eliza Emerald Swann - @thecircularserpent / @goldendomeschool on Instagram -

The show airs live on Radio Kingston in Kingston New York every Sunday at 4pm est. The show is then re-broadcast on KMWV 98.3fm in Portland, Salem & Eugene Oregon at 7pm pt.

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