The Cosmic Dispatch

The Mars in Gemini Situation

January 08, 2023 Cory Nakasue, Mandee Sheeler & Polimenakos Season 2 Episode 1
The Cosmic Dispatch
The Mars in Gemini Situation
Show Notes

Season Two |  Episode Two : The Mars In Gemini Situation

Join astrologers Cory Nakasue, Mandee Sheeler and Nicholas Polimenakos for a very Gemini/Mars/Saturn conversation. 

To start: show host Cory Nakasue shares a “short and sweet” astro-weather report then sits back and lets show producer & astrologer Mandee Sheeler ask the questions in this casual roundtable style episode of The Cosmic Dispatch.

The astro-weather covered this week includes Mercury's square to Chiron and Venus' square to Uranus. The main event is Mars’ station direct, though this energy still takes some time to actually take full effect. 

All three astrologers have significant Gemini placements, and discuss this sign from personal and collective perspectives/experiences. As we are still in Capricorn season, Saturn gets some attention as well.


Nicholas Polimenakos is a practicing consulting astrologer and shares astrology content across many platforms. You can connect with him on YouTube, Instagram, or by contacting him though his website:


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