The Cosmic Dispatch

The Royal, Renegade Full Moon in Leo

February 05, 2023 Cory Nakasue & Mandee Sheeler Season 2 Episode 6
The Cosmic Dispatch
The Royal, Renegade Full Moon in Leo
Show Notes

S2 E6 - The Royal, Renegade Full Moon in Leo

Happy Leo Full Moon!

This is another full moon show. That means guest astrologer Mandee Sheeler joins Cory to share her full moon report and answer audience questions. Cory also talks about the big transits of the week which include Mercury's conjunction with Pluto, and Mercury's entrance into Aquarius. While the astrology of the week ahead includes more than this Leo full moon, the full moon kinda steals the show this week. 

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Questions answered in this episode: 

“I'm listening right now and you just said "break with the past" – it is exactly what happened to me. It was sudden but also an itch I'd been investigating for the last 15-20 years. My question is what advice do you have for this new state without alienating people? I can explain it but most I talk to cannot relate or they label it wrong. I'm not saying I'm 100% liberated, probably more like 80-85-90% 😀. But fear disappeared, making decisions unburdened from self-doubt, even the attraction to drugs/alcohol has lost its power. Your show is v inspirational and consistently thought-provoking.” - KH

"What's the best thing to look for in an astrology chart to best understand what kind of self-care is best?" - JN

"What is one way to remediate Leo full moon energy?" - NP

“I have an Aquarius sun. I have heard many things about what this Pluto transit could mean for me, most of it has been intense and made me a little nervous… Any advice?” - MS

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A full version of Mandee’s moon report and prompts can be found here

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