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Aquarius Season: Love is Anarchy

February 12, 2023 Cory Naksue & Mandee Sheeler Season 2 Episode 7
The Cosmic Dispatch
Aquarius Season: Love is Anarchy
Show Notes

Season 2 Episode 7: 

Aquarius Season: Love is Anarchy

In this episode we're talking relationships (and a little bit of football)! What can the expressions of Venus, as it moves through Aquarius and Pisces, teach us about expanding our experience of being in relationships. Mandee Sheeler joins Cory to go through some of your relationship questions, and, of course, Cory takes us through the astro-weather for the week which includes: Venus conjunct Neptune, and sun conjunct Saturn. The week ahead looks like it has some magical moments and Cory invites us to consider “whats real” as we feel into this week. 

The questions answered in this episode:

Tips for Capricorns learning to be less shy with dating! What can Saturn do for us? - ES

I have always been the bachelor type. I recently turned 40 and suddenly feel the urge to settle down. Is there an astrological explanation for this? Something that sounds better than "mid-life crisis?? - KR

Scorpio Sun/Aries Rising and Aries Sun? Compatible? What do I need to know? -MT

Any advice for dating a Gemini sun/Virgo Moon/cancer rising? -AB

I have never really felt any physical attraction towards anyone. I am a 34 year old cis-het man and I feel like an alien around my dude friends. They have all settled down and had kids now. It's getting to the point where it's "weird" that I haven't and I don't really know what to do or even really say about it. I have had girlfriends in the past, but it's really always been just because I thought that's what I was supposed to do. I can enjoy myself during sex, but it's hardly ever on my mind and every relationship I have had has ended because I wasn't able to satisfy my partners sexual needs. It would be nice to have a companionship but I'm not sure how to go about that. I haven't seen many alternative relationship arrangements in my smaller Midwest big city. I've done a little digging into my own chart but I'm curious what you think. I have Mars in Aquarius in my 12th house inconjunct Venus in Virgo in my 7th. Thank you for considering my question. - JW 

I'm wondering if there is a connection the LGBTQ movement relating to this "age of Aquarius" thing. Thanks. -LL

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